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Bonus Points on using the Card once a week

Use the card once a week or 4 times every month. Get a whopping 1,000 points*, every month. Added up, that's 12,000 Points every year.

Points on all your spends

Earn Points on groceries, fuel and telephone bills, shopping and travel. Every Rs 40 charged to the Gold Card earns 1 Membership Rewards Point. The Supplementary Cards earn Points too.

Bonus Points on your First anniversary with us

Renewal of the American Express Gold Card at the end of the first year, gets 5,000 Bonus Points Membership Rewards Points.

Bonus Points on Standing Instructions

Enrol for Standing Instructions Facility. Get a Bonus 1,000 Points the first time your bill gets paid through Bill Desk.

Points don't expire

The Points you earn on the American Express Membership Rewards Programme are yours forever.

*Only transactions above Rs.250 will be eligible for Bonus Points.

As you grow, so does your spending power

Your spending power is not restricted to the amount in your bank account. The Gold Card with its in-built intelligence takes into consideration different variables likes spending patterns, payment behaviour and keeps adjusting your spending limit, giving you flexibility.

What you spend is what you pay

There are no interest charges that you need to pay. The Gold Card being a Charge Card, you pay your balance in full every month. Manage your finances without stress, with a credit period that extends up to 52 days.

No Penalties for Card loss

Zero Lost Card Liability ensures your liability is nil after you have reported a Card loss, and is limited to a maximum of only Rs 1000 before reporting.

Resolved with just a call

Your problems are ours. Call us for resolving disputes and we will take care of everything. No paperwork or preconditions.

Transact online without fear

Transact online with your Gold Card without fear. Internet Fraud Protection won't hold you responsible for any unauthorized charges.

Every problem solved with the Gold Standard of service

Wherever you are, whatever time of the day, the renowned American Express premium service is there to help. Simply call on the Gold helpline to iron out every worry line.

Lost Card? Get another

Report a lost, stolen or damaged Card by calling the 24x7 Gold Card Services Helpline. A Replacement Card reaches you instantly anywhere in the world.

Gift of Gold for a special two

Extend the privilege of Gold to your loved ones with two complimentary Supplementary Gold Cards.

Save when you dine out

Enjoy up to 20% discount* on your dining bill at over 100 leading restaurants, including Golden Dragon, Ruby Tuesday, Bercos, Suburbia among others.

Shopping with happy returns

Enjoy a 5% discount# at some of the most popular supermarkets like Big Bazaar, Spencer's, Foodworld, NEEDS, Nature's Basket, KB's FAIRPRICE and many more.

Discounts on stays and holidays

Get up to 10% discount on all domestic hotel bookings and domestic holiday packages booked via Yatra*.

*These offers would be revised regularly.
#Offer valid till March 15, 2011.

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