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MakeMyTrip Credit Card

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Welcome Gift* of MakeMyTrip vouchers worth Rs 2,000 (2 vouchers of Rs. 1,000 each)

First Year fee: Rs. 750

Second Year onwards: Rs. 1,500 plus applicable taxes

Income Eligibility: Annual income of INR 6 Lacs or above


For domestic flights, 5% cashback is applicable only on return flights and is capped at Rs. 500. For International flights, 5% cashback will apply only on base fare and is capped at Rs. 3,000. For all other travel categories, 5% cashback is capped at Rs 3,000 (For Domestic and International Holiday booking, the 5% cashback will be calculated on the non-air component of the holiday package and will not be applicable on airfares and taxes). 5% cashback is restricted to 2 transactions on each travel category per month. Travel categories are flights, hotels, holidays and flight + hotels. Bus, Bus plus hotel, Rail and Car bookings are not eligible for 5% cashback.The cashback will be credited to your Card Account within 21 days of the transaction.
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