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American Express Rewards Cards

The American Express Rewards Cards bring you wonderful rewards and privileges with an industry leading security, convenience and service at your disposal.

Why Choose American Express Membership Rewards Card?

The finest Credit Cards take care of your fundamental needs and bring along a whole range of extra benefits that suit your convenience. At American Express, we offer financial flexibility, and enhanced security, which is complemented with our exceptional customer service on all of our Credit Cards. Our reward Cards provide you extra benefits, just for using them. Our wide-ranging Membership Rewards program lets you choose from hundreds of retailers and service providers – so you always get to choose a perfect reward.

Earning Points with the American Express Credit Cards and redeeming them for rewards is easier than ever. Every time you spend with your card, you earn points. You can keep a track of your Points online and redeem them instantly online as well. The more you spend on your Card, the more Points you earn. It’s that simple!

Moreover, many of our Cards come with select membership benefits. You can enjoy your stopovers at over 1000 airport lounges for free or get complimentary rounds of golf at India's top courses. You can also avail exclusive discounts at top restaurants and get access to invitation only events across the country.

Reward Card Highlights

American Express Reward Cards offer:

  • Get your Reward Points started with sign-up bonuses
  • Earn Reward Points on nearly every purchase you make with your Card
  • 24/7 customer support and service
  • Fraud security
  • Purchase security

24/7 Customer Support and Service

Our dedicated support team is available round the clock from anywhere in the world. We are also available online, via email, text and through the post. We will try to deal with your queries or problems as quickly and helpfully as possible.

Fraud Security and Purchase Protection

At American Express, we value your security very highly. Our secure payment system and chip and pin technology help to minimize the risks of fraud on your Credit Card. You are also covered by our Fraud Protection Guarantee. This guarantee means that if you are accidentally a victim of fraud, you won't have to pay costs. However, you must endeavour to keep your details secure and take reasonable measures to keep your Credit Card information safe.

Use American Express Anywhere in the World

American Express Rewards Cards are your perfect travel partner for their acceptance throughout the world. At the time of processing your transaction, we convert foreign currencies based on the current exchange rate.

Easy Online Access Accounts

Our online portal makes it easier for you to manage your Credit Card and rewards. You can access a range of services through your computer or mobile phone by simply registering online. You can check or pay off your balance, manage your details, exchange your Membership Rewards Points and do much more.


Before you apply you should make sure you meet the basic requirements for any Card. Applications for Rewards Cards can take up to 3 weeks to process.

  • You are aged 18 or over
  • You are an Indian resident with an Indian Credit file
  • You have a good Credit history
  • You hold a current account or savings account in India
  • Your annual income meets the requirement for the Card you are applying for Visit the American Express Credit Cards page for detailed information about specific
  • Cards, and apply for the one you want.
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