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Earning Membership Reward Points

Be it collecting air miles or getting cashback on your monthly spend, rewards are the perfect way to get more from your Credit Card. Membership Rewards help you get more from your money. Here you can read all about the American Express Membership Rewards program.

Are Reward Points worth having?

Yes, absolutely. Membership Reward Points, give you access to a range of added benefits. You earn Points simply by using your Card and then these Points can be redeemed for some amazing rewards-from booking free hotels and free flights, to exclusive membership privileges.

Some of the tailored reward programs that we offer are:

Our PAYBACK Reward Card allows you collect points with every purchase you make and bonus Points whenever you spend with PAYBACK partners. You can collect Points and redeem them for everything.

Our Jet Airways Reward Card allows you collect air miles with all your purchases as well as access to exclusive American Express airport lounges and airfare discounts with our travel partners.

If you want to get more from your expenses and enjoy fantastic Membership Rewards then having a loyalty Points Credit Card is a great idea !

How do I gain loyalty Points?

Loyalty points are earned and accumulated as you make purchases on your Card.

American Express Credit Cards let you earn Reward Points on nearly every purchase you make. Build up and save your Points to exchange them for some amazing rewards from best brands in the world.

What is Membership Rewards Loyalty Program?

Our Membership Rewards loyalty program lets you earn Points to redeem for a variety of exclusive offers. You can exchange your membership Rewards Points for a huge range of experiences, holidays, hotels, vouchers, meals, products and services. There's something for everyone and it is exciting to watch your Points mount up and then get that perfect treat for yourself or a loved one. The Membership Rewards program is available with a variety of our Cards – you can see the range here.

Do I have to pay a fee for Membership Rewards?

The Cards featuring Membership Rewards do come with fees. However, they also come with a range of Card-specific privileges ranging from our dining program to complimentary use of some of India's best golf courses.

Can I get travel rewards with Membership Rewards?

Yes, with the Membership Rewards program you exchange your Points for flights, hotels, holidays and a variety of travel benefits. Our tailored travel reward Cards also let you enjoy a range of benefits including access to over 1000 airport lounges worldwide, priority check-in counters and air miles.

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Other American Express Rewards Programs

Every individual American Express Credit Card offers its own exclusive range of rewards and benefits. Our Cards carefully tailored so that you can find one that is perfect for your lifestyle. Our main Reward programs are:

Membership Rewards

  • Earn Points on all your Credit Card spending and exchange them for a range of goods, holidays and services. From free travel to free electronics, the Membership Rewards Program has something for everyone.

View our Membership Rewards Cards

Travel Rewards

  • Our travel Rewards Cards let you earn Points to spend on great holiday and travel deals. You can access the airport lounges, travel discounts and exclusive benefits at leading hotels and resorts worldwide. Some of our Cards also let you collect air miles with our partner airline Jet Airways.

View our Travel Reward Cards

Shopping Rewards

  • Our PAYBACK shopping Card lets you earn Points with India's leading Rewards program. You can redeem the Points for a range of products and rewards and get the maximum value out of your money!
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